Caring Hearts Pet Therapy

Together our volunteers and therapy pets can help brighten everyone's day!


                                                         UPDATE: regarding COVID-19 virus:


                                                                        Happy New Year! 

2022:  We are looking forward to 2022 and having more opportunities to visit with our

therapy pets. However, the COVID-19 virus continues to limit our program and the places

we can safely visit. We hope things improve in 2022. We are still able to visit various schools,

libraries, court and youth related programs and several nursing homes. Some hospitals

are starting to allow some therapy visits at this time. We have added some fun, pet-related

events to our 2022 event calendar which is posted on our "Upcoming Events" page on this

website. The COVID-19 virus also affected our ability to hold orientations for new

volunteer/pet teams. This spring we have scheduled our first new volunteer/pet team

orientation since the Fall of 2019! SO excited to welcome new volunteer/pet teams to our


2020-2021:  Our Caring Hearts Pet Therapy program was suspended on March 13, 2020 due to

COVID-19 restrictions issued by the Governor of Pennsylvania. Sadly, our program

continued to be suspended until March 8, 2021 when we received our first request for a pet

therapy visit to a local high school. We were so EXCITED to receive that first request!

We continued to receive more requests each month, we participated in several fun,

dog-related events in the Fall 2021 and we hoped in time our program would be back to a

full, very busy schedule like we had prior to March 2020. We continue to have this goal for 2022.

We appreciate all our volunteer/pet teams who have maintained their membership in

Caring Hearts Pet Therapy program during these difficult years affected by the COVID-19 virus.

Without our wonderful and dedicated volunteer/pet teams we would not be able to provide

the needed pet therapy to our local communities.