Caring Hearts Pet Therapy

Together our volunteers and therapy pets can help brighten everyone's day!


                                                         UPDATE: regarding COVID-19 virus:

WE'RE BACK! Our Caring Hearts Pet Therapy program was suspended on March 13, 2020

due to COVID-19 restrictions issued by the Governor of Pennsylvania. Sadly, our program

continued to be suspended until March 8, 2021 when we received our first request for a pet

therapy visit to a local high school. We were so EXCITED to receive that first request!

We continue to receive more requests each month and we hope in time our program will be

back to a full, very busy schedule like we had prior to March 2020. We are SO HAPPY to be

back doing what our mission is all about...providing positive and compassionate interaction

of our therapy pets with adults and children with guidance from our experienced volunteer

pet handlers by visiting local community organizations. We appreciate all our volunteer/pet

teams who have maintained their membership in Caring Hearts Pet Therapy patiently

waiting to be asked to visit again! We also look forward to working with all our community

organizations again as they open up their locations to pet therapy visits again.